Slatwall Accessories

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GarageEscape™ accessories are easily set and re-set on Slatwall panels for your ever-changing organizational needs. Slatwall panels and accessories are available on-line at the retailers listed above. Just click on their logo links to go to their stores. For further questions call GarageEscape at 877.700.9336.

Click images below to view their application.

Slatwall one inch hook
One Inch Slatwall Hook
4 Inch Slatwall Hook
6 Inch Slatwall Hook
eight inch hook
8 Inch Slatwall Hook
Four inch double hook
4 Inch Slatwall Double Hook
Cabinet Hanging Bracket
Slatwall Cabinet Hanging Bracket
Ten Inch Shelf Support
10 Inch Slatwall Shelf Support
Also available in 12 Inch
Eight Inch Double Hook
8 Inch Slatwall
Double Hook
Shelf Support Arm
Slatwall Shelf Support Arm
Sold 2 per package
Six Prong Hook
6 Prong Slatwall Hook
Paper Towel Holder
Slatwall Paper Towel Holder
Laundry Hook
Slatwall Laundry Hook
Plastic Shelf
Slatwall Plastic Shelf
6" wide x 24" long
wire basket
12" x 12" x 4"
Slatwall Wire Basket
Also available as a
24" x 12" x 4" size
Utility Hook
Slatwall Utility Hook
Also known as the
Picture Hanging Hook

The GarageEscape™ Slatwall-System of wall panels and accessories work well to organize and display garage tools (rakes, shovels, weed eaters, long handled garden tools, snow shovels, hoes, edgers, automovitve supplies, etc), childrens toys, sports equipment (balls, bats, racquets, shoes, golf clubs, bags, skis, snowshoes), arts and crafts, home office supplies, shelves, workrooms, laundry rooms, entry rooms, closets, and any room in the house where you might want an organized wall that not only works, but looks great. Easy to arrange and rearrange, the GarageEscape™ Slatwall-System can be modified to work in virtually any room in the house.