Anchor™ Core Easy-Panels™ 2-Pack

Anchor™ Core Easy-Panels™ are easy to handle, easy to install. Each panel is 24"H x 48"L with available accessories to help organize and display tools, supplies, sports equipment, and children’s toys. Anchor™ Core Easy-Panels™ can also organize home offices, art and craft areas, workrooms, laundry areas, closets, and any area requiring organization. Anchor™ Core Easy-Panels™ can be modified to function in any area where you need to make room for what you love.

Anchor™ Core Easy-Panels™ are made from Anchor™ Core by Boise Cascade™. These engineered panels are 50% stronger than the standard Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Available in paint ready, cherry, maple, and white. The two-pack is designed for ground shipment. 

Half grooves on top and bottom provide the option of stacking panels, providing a seamless connection and usable groove.

Anchor™ Core Easy-Panels™ are grooved panels that are machined for optional Ready-Sert™ Aluminum inserts. Ready-Sert™ inserts will double the strength of the groove providing maximum load capacity when used.

  • Anchor™ Core is 50% stronger than MDF
  • Seamless stacking
  • Easy to install
  • (2) 24"H x 48"L sections per pack
  • Available in paintable, cherry, maple, and white